A perfect pot or 50 pounds pots?

A perfect pot or 50 pounds pots?


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Read a story in the book Lean UX which is so good that I can't wait to share.

The story came from the YouTube video, Why You Need to Fail - by Derek Sivers.

A ceramics class teacher divided the class into 2 groups. Group 1 was required to finish just one 'perfect' pot for the exam, and group 2 was required to handle pots by weight to score. The teacher said he didn't care about the shape or the quality of the pots. The heavier pots, the higher score. He would bring his bathroom scale for the pots, 50 pounds will get A, 40 pounds will get B, and so on.


You might guess the result. Yes, the quantitive group did much better than the qualitative group. The teacher's guarantee is permission to fail, which allowed the 2nd group students to practice many times and got experience by doing it. Group 1 spent much more time on learning the theory, but lack of practice. Because of that, the final pots they had for the exam is not as good as group 2.

That's why we need to fail.

That's why I start writing blogs in English, even with many grammar mistakes. The goal is to sharpen my writing skills to create better content, not write a perfect article for one time.

So as designing, driving, cooking, speaking, or any other skills.

Learn by doing it, have permission to fail, and keep practising with consistency.

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