Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations


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Last week, I took part in a two-day workshop on Crucial Conversations, a training that's been on my wishlist for a while. I discovered that although I excel in design execution and strategy, navigating difficult conversations is an area where I can improve significantly.

In emotionally charged moments or high-stakes situations, especially when faced with conflicting views, my reactions are often less than ideal. And it seems I'm not alone – many individuals, like myself, either fall silent or respond with verbal aggression.

Here are some valuable insights I took away from the workshop:

✅ It's crucial to distinguish between facts and stories.
✅ The ideal way to initiate a crucial conversation is to: present the fact, tell the story, then ask for the other person's perspective.
✅ Listen with the intention to understand, rather than just to reply.
✅ Your motive heavily influences your ability to genuinely listen.
✅ The earlier we recognize signs of people retreating from dialogue, the quicker we can steer the conversation back towards productive discussion.
✅ When safety is threatened, people tend to withdraw from dialogue, resorting to silence or verbal aggression.
✅ Start the conversation with a statement. Explain your process and invite direct challenges.
✅ Use contrast to rectify misunderstandings when disagreements or unsafe situations occur.
✅ Before responding to a question, take a moment to consider whether the asker is seeking an immediate answer or a more considered one.
✅ Asking for permission can be a good move. It helps to reduce defensive reactions and prepares others mentally for what's coming.
✅ Rather than focusing on the outcome, which is out of your control, concentrate on the purpose, which you can manage.

Prob will share more things in details with my personal takeaways and actions later, such a great learning experience!

Kudos to Phil Crothers for facilitating! 🙌

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