John Wick Meets UX: How to Fight the 'Me Against the World' Mentality

John Wick Meets UX: How to Fight the 'Me Against the World' Mentality

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Bear Liu
·Dec 16, 2022·

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John Wick is a movie franchise that has been around for a few years, and the fourth episode is set to launch next year. This got me thinking about the early days of my career as a junior designer when I used to feel like I was up against the whole world. It often felt like I struggled to prove to everyone that I was right and that my ideas were the best.

However, as I gained experience and started to work with larger teams, I realised that it wasn’t me against the whole world. It was essential to trust the expertise of the people I was collaborating with and to focus on providing facts, options, and professional advice.

My job as a designer was to provide my input, show the facts and then trust that the team I was working with would make the best decisions based on all the considerations. It was important to remember that everyone was on the same team and that the best results could be achieved when working together.

This shift in mindset was helpful for me both professionally and personally. It allowed me to focus on the things I could control and to take action to improve them. It also reduced my stress levels and saved me time and energy.

On the other hand, if I felt like the decisions weren’t the best for the project, it was a helpful reminder to focus on finding a team and environment that best fit me.

So the next time you feel like you’re up against the whole world, remember to trust the expertise of the people around you and focus on the things you can control.


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