My favourite ChatGPT prompt(for now)

My favourite ChatGPT prompt(for now)


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I just feel that there are more AI KOLs than actual AI use cases out there. Thought I should share the AI scenarios, tools, and cases I frequently use rather than sharing those 1001 quick news from AI trends.

One of my most commonly used prompts at work is my personal Slack assistant.

It's quite straightforward. I first inform the AI about my role and the common work scenarios, then ask it to organize my rough draft and output it in my tone.

Usually, I just jot down a few lines as soon as I think of something to say, then use the syntax 'scene description' to set the context (content in ''' won't be included in the output), and the results have been excellent. It helps maintain the information I want to convey without me spending too much time fussing over the wording.