Some first thoughts on Vision Pro

Some first thoughts on Vision Pro


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Some thoughts on Apple's latest WWDC keynote highlight Vision Pro:

I haven't fully watched the WWDC Keynote yet, so I won't comment specifically, but I have an initial impression: Vision Pro seems to be in a closed state with the outside world (at least physically). This is not the VR/AR application I envision. I still believe that Google Glass-like augmentations to the real world are the right way to go, rather than completely isolating people's senses from the real world with a glass shield. This may not be the right direction, and it feels like it's pushing us further down the path depicted in the Wall-E storyline.

What's terrifying about this is that given Apple's capabilities, this product will likely be very attractive in terms of quality. This can be seen from the media's hands-on experiences.

The idea of using a camera to capture the real world and then recreating it in a virtual helmet for users to consume is quite alarming. While the elite might remain vigilant, ordinary users might easily fall into a holographic TikTok ocean, becoming information batteries and content compost, once they get used to it.

Moreover, it's almost irreversible.

However, judging from the first batch of users of this product, aside from the purely rich folks who want to flaunt that "I have it", it should be those who want to use it as a replacement for external monitors.

I'm one of them, but I don't have $3499 for a pair of goggles. My wife will rip me 🤦

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