Story is the king!

Story is the king!


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Another cool thing I picked up from hanging out at ExileCon.

You know when something is so complex that it feels like your brain is about to explode? That's how I felt when the game developers started rolling out all these new features, items, and ways to play the game Path of Exile 2. But then, they started a game demo, and suddenly, I was hooked.

They had a whole story going on - stuff about the characters, their backgrounds, what they were after, the problems they had to deal with, and how they planned to sort things out. Even though I didn't know much about the game, I was totally caught up in it. It got me thinking about this design tip - the story is the ultimate medium for delivering information.

Say you've got a concept or an idea you want to get across to folks. If you wrap it up in a story, it's a whole lot easier for people to get it and feel a connection with it. You can crank it up a notch by turning that story into a demo or prototype - basically showing folks what you mean, not just telling them about it.

This isn't some new-fangled idea. It's been around since 1968 when this smart guy, Douglas Engelbart, did a demo that changed how we interact with computers. That demo, which folks call "The Mother of All Demos," laid the groundwork for lots of the tech we use today, and even inspired people like Steve Jobs, followed by Apple, Google, etc till today.

This same idea works great in UX design. Demos, prototypes, and stories are the real deal. When you mix them all together, you've got a dynamite way to show what your product can do. All you've got to do is tell a story about your product, bring it to life with a demo or prototype, and boom! People understand it better and feel more connected to it. Whether it's in a game or in UX design, a well-told story never loses its magic.





这并不是什么新奇的想法。早在1968年,一位聪明人,道格拉斯·恩格尔巴特(Douglas Engelbart)做了一个演示,改变了我们与电脑的交互方式。那个被人们称为“一切演示之母”的演示为我们今天使用的许多技术奠定了基础,甚至激励了像史蒂夫·乔布斯这样的人,接着是苹果,谷歌等一直到今天。


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