How I made a children book via AI (WIP)

How I made a children book via AI (WIP)

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Β·Aug 28, 2022Β·

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I made a children book for my daughter via AI (Midjourney), which just took around 2 hours. I'm writing this post to share the thoughts, progress and tips.

My post on Reddit

As I work full time and parenting is also time consuming, the whole sharing will take a few more days to complete. I'll keep this post updated but if you are keen to know details, can leave your email here and I'll send you all the tips after I document them all.

Keep me updated!

You can download the children book PDF here [link to be added later]

Will AI replace my job?

This project started with this simple question: will AI replace my job?

I’m a digital product designer, and the moment I saw the quality of the AI generated images, I thought: Shit! Our jobs are not secure anymore! Then I thought again, and this time the answer might be more positive.

This was happened before, when photography came out, artists were challenged.

(To be continued)

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