Books that I read in Feb

Books that I read in Feb


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I saw many videos on YouTube sharing, "I read one book a week for a year, and it changed my life". I don't think reading changed my life, as it is how I live my life. I've been reading one book a week for six years. Reading helps me learn new skills, explore unknown domains, or just get lost in my imagination, history, or time.

Books I read in Feb:

💡 The Making of a Manager by Julie Zhuo. So good! This prob the must-read book for professionals on career growth!

💡 The Urban Sketching Handbook Architecture and Cityscapes. Learned lots of tips for sketching!

💡 The Bomber Mafia by Malcolm Gladwell: prob the best audiobook that I've ever listened to so far (from 150+ audiobooks)

💡 Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir: It was the recommended Sci-fi of the year, and I really like The Martian.

What's the book you are reading?



• Julie Zhuo的The Making of a Manager。职场提升必读。 • Van Life:房车(货车)生活,看看逃离一代在路上的生活方式。 • Bomber Mafia(《轰炸机黑帮》),最会讲故事的大师精心制作的世界级最高水准非虚构类有声书。 • Project Hail Mary(《圣玛利计划》),宏大且硬核的科幻设定,近两年读得最过瘾的一部硬科幻。


• Micro Trends(微趋势),比尔盖茨和克林顿的咨询顾问写的书,很有意思,用数字和事实分析各种主流后面的暗流趋势。 • 都市速写(已读完) • 失落的卫星:在读。 • 午夜降临前抵达。很喜欢刘子超的文笔,打算顺着追完他的书。