A designer's balance between creative and systematic thinking

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A designer's balance between creative and systematic thinking


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A controversial fact: a designer's work is not that "creative" - if you define creativity as an artistic way to go with the flow when doing stuff.

If a designer's time on work is 100%, prob 50% will spend on communication, 20% will spend on research, 15% will spend on design, 10% will spend on documents, and the rest 5% will spend on self-doubting 🤫

During my day job, I jump between Miro, Slack, Google meet and Figma. Never thought myself as an artistic person, drawing was my hobby nearly 30 years ago when I was a kid. But surprisingly found that drawing is such a great way for me to relax and recharge. During Wednesday and Thursday evenings, I draw a lot - these days are the busiest days of my workweek.

I have no ambition of becoming a rich/starving artist, and I don't expect drawing can bring food to my table, which give me freedom. When I'm drawing, it feels like meditation.

My point is, as professionals, we need to find a way to relieve stress and soothe our mental. It could be drawing, sport, or even vodka. It depends on culture, and when I was in China, many of my friends attached their values to their jobs, which prob not a sustainable way of work.

(Some sketches I did in recent evenings)