I want to be this kind of senior


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I worked with a few talented designers and leaders before. A legacy they left for me is the question, "what would he/she do in this situation?"

When I'm working on tricky problems, I will ask myself, "what will they do?"

Now I realise that's the power of the role model from a senior. It's not about solving problems for juniors but showing an example of how to solve problems.

I want to be this kind of a senior.

我之前曾与一些才华横溢的设计师和领导者一起工作。 他们留给我的遗产是一个问题,“他/她在这种情况下会做什么?”


现在我意识到这就是前辈榜样的力量。 这不是为新人解决问题,而是展示如何解决问题的示例。