Make a product fun, simple and solid

Make a product fun, simple and solid


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I'm excited when I see a housefly at home 🪰

No, I'm not crazy (not that much), just because I got a new toy, Bug-a-salt, a product that turns a miserable fly-killing experience into a funny pest-hunting game.

Speaking of gamification, this is a really good example.

A few things I think making this product work:

  1. Make it fun, or connect a boring/tedious behaviour with a fun experience.
  2. Make it simple. This gun doesn't need a battery or special bullets, table salt is all it needs.
  3. Make it solid. The product itself feels heavy and tangible.

I think these three things also make sense for designing digital products.

Now I'll go hunting some flies. f5665aa7258b5bf0ddf5bf433fa8fab5 df4bc25b7e412f582dd71b963d87c5ba