Review of Springboard Jan report

Review of Springboard Jan report


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Received a quarterly report from Springboard, the design school I'm mentoring UX design students. I've got a five score for average call rating regarding 4.91 of other mentors. 100% of students I helped succeeded on their courses, and 2 of them secured job offers a month after graduation.

It made my day, but not because of those numbers. Imagine the life that I might change, make me thrilled.

I think it's a way of making the world a little better by helping people achieve their career dreams.

我正在指导 UX 设计学生的设计学校 Springboard 收到季度报告。 关于其他导师的 4.91,我的平均通话评分为 5 分。 我帮助的学生 100% 成功完成了他们的课程,其中 2 人在毕业一个月后获得了工作机会。

这让我很开心,但不是因为这些数字。 想象一下我可能改变的生活,让我兴奋不已。