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As a design mentor, one thing that I quite enjoy doing is reviewing the study progress with my students.

Learning a UX course is a journey that involves months, and there're ups and downs. So we might focus on the details and don't see the real progress. Also, don't get me started on the self-doubting part. That's why we need to review it from a holistic point of view.

The whole course can be measured by progress percentage, and when a student completes a unit, the percentage will be marked as completed. I usually check the student's progress diagram once in a few weeks with them, and we talk about it. We analyse the data, list out the positive things that we can learn and duplicate, and check the negative kinds of stuff we want to avoid. It's a data analysis practice for real and for themselves!

For example, by checking the flat parts and spikes from the diagram and reviewing the related units, students without a science background might find the user flow units difficult to complete. Similarly, students who don't have any graphic design exercises find user interface units challenging.

My job as a design mentor is to help them see those things from their own data and plan a better way for their future study. So every time I see their "aha!" faces when we have some insights, that just make my day.

That's how I find data is powerful when you can see things behind it.

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