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If you want to find a mentor for your career development, there's one question you should never ask, "will you be my mentor?" Especially on LinkedIn or any other social media channels.


Professionals are busy, especially those good ones. Asking for mentorship is a big commitment of time and effort, and not easy to say yes.

But many professionals would like to help, as they were helped and supported during their early career journey. So how to get their attention and support?

The right way is to ask specific questions with enough context. Provide essential information for your question, do a little bit of research on the people you are asking for help and ask questions related to their experience.

Thank them, even if you don't get any reply, and then work on your own until you have another great question to ask.

I did this when I started to self-learn UX, and it works pretty well. Hope this approach make sense :)



如果你想为你的职业发展找到一位导师,你永远不应该问一个问题,“你愿意做我的导师吗?” 特别是在 LinkedIn 或任何其他社交媒体渠道上。


专业人士很忙,尤其是那些优秀的。 寻求指导需要大量的时间和精力,而且很难说是。

但许多专业人士愿意提供帮助,因为他们在早期的职业生涯中得到了帮助和支持。 那么如何得到他们的关注和支持呢?

正确的方法是在有足够背景的情况下提出具体问题。 为您的问题提供基本信息,对您寻求帮助的人进行一些研究,并提出与他们的经历相关的问题。


当我开始自学 UX 时,我就这样做了,而且效果很好。 希望这种方法有意义:)