Differentiating Human-Made Content in the Age of AI

Differentiating Human-Made Content in the Age of AI


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I’ve tried a few AI options for creating content, including Midjourney, ChatGPT and Notion AI. A big question: in this age where AI can generate pixel-perfect images and well-refined copy in a few seconds, what’s the value of humans creating stuff? What could be the differentiator?

In the age of artificial intelligence, where automation and computer-generated content are becoming more commonplace, how do humans recognise and leverage our unique strengths and abilities that machines cannot replicate? One of the most effective and impactful ways to accomplish this is using hand-drawn doodles/illustrations.

Doodles bring a unique quality to content, allowing it to stand out in the sea of computer-generated content. They evoke emotion and draw the viewer in, providing a creative and dynamic perspective that cannot be replicated with automation. This is why doodles have become a powerful tool for content creators in the digital age.

An illustration that I did for explaining design system

I did some illustrations last year as a personal project to demonstrate some design/product terminologies in a simple way for non-tech people. The result was excellent; many people reached out to me, saying thank you, as they found it easy to understand and digest. I don’t think AI can do something similar soon. And the personal touch is the differentiator.

The use of hand-drawn doodles can also be used to give a personal touch to content, allowing content creators to connect with their audience in a more meaningful way. In addition, hand-drawn doodles allow creators to showcase their creativity, personality, and uniqueness in a way impossible with automated content.

Ultimately, hand-drawn doodles are a significant differentiator for human-made content in the age of AI. They provide a unique and creative perspective, allowing content creators to stand out and connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

If you have already read through here - most of the copy above was written by AI (ChatGPT), and I made the illustrations. So this prob the proper way to work with AI.

Translated by DeepL:

我已经尝试了一些创造内容的人工智能选项,包括Midjourney、ChatGPT和Notion AI。一个大问题:在这个人工智能可以在几秒钟内生成像素完美的图像和精炼的文案的时代,人类创造东西的价值是什么?什么可以成为差异化的因素?







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